I hope you find inspiration and serenity here

Maybe it's just me, but the world today seems like a hot mess.  Creating my art is a way of grounding myself, enjoying some quiet time, and basking in the beauty of this little blue marble we all get to live on.  In sharing it with you, I hope you can find your own little island of peace, if only for a moment. 

I believe...

Art should be beautiful.  More deep breaths would make the world a better place.  The Oxford Comma is necessary.  Sunsets are the best time of day.  Your walls deserve to be decorated.  Taming the chaos is essential, and elusive.  There is never too much chocolate or whiskey.  There is never enough quiet.  You deserve some beauty in your life.  Keep in touch to keep this beauty in your life. 


My portfolio includes my favorite images in my unique abstract style.  Many are reminiscent of an impressionist painting.  My popular shots of sunsets over Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT live here, among others. 

How do you do that?

Want to read more about how I create my art?  Read more about the Method to my Madness over here! 

Take beauty home

Want to bring some more serenity into your own life?  Bring some of my work into your home.  It won't make all the chaos go away, but it's a great reminder of quiet stillness and beauty.  That you can see every single day.