Artist Statement


Through motion, I create stillness.


Is it just me, or is the world batshit crazy these days? 

Sometimes, all you need (or all you can muster) is a moment to reflect, to enjoy the beauty of the natural world, to savor the silence.  For me, those moments are often sunsets over the lake--still, quiet, constantly changing and always beautiful.  It's a pause in the day.  You can't save it for later, you have to do it now. 

Through my photography I seek to find my own sense of peace in today's crazy world.  Focusing my attention on the sunset for a few minutes is a good way to ground me in the moment and the amazingness of our planet.  But unlike most photographers, I'm not trying to faithfully capture what that moment looked like in my eyeballs.  The beauty transcends the details, and I like to photograph the essence or the soul of the place.  I do this through movement; no tripods here.  I wiggle, shake, dip, and swing the camera, which imparts an impressionistic feel to the images—making them look more like a painting than a photo.  The chaos of movement is tamed into a serene abstract landscape—a skill I wish was transferable to the real world.  Creating these images is a great source of calm and renewal in my own life.  I like to be able to save those moments of peace, and share their beauty out into the world.  Because we could all use a little more beauty, more peace, more stillness in our lives.