Abstract Water Reflections

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A fun bonus to my sunset shoots, some nights, is sitting on the dock. Often with a Pina Colada in hand. You may have seen me shooting at Splash and wondered what I was doing.

If I was out on the docks facing inland, the sun was creating a mesmerizing show of color for me in the water reflections.

2019-08-04 19.44.12-2.jpg

If the water is calm, not glassy but softly bouncing off the shore, it creates these stunning curved reflections of whatever is on the floating dock. Meaning, all the people watching the sunset on Lake Champlain. Ha! I promise I’m not taking creepy photos of you, people. I’m honestly shocked nobody has asked what the heck I’m doing when my zoom lens is pointed towards shore.


Those reflections on the water bounce and dance and play with my camera. I could stand there all day and shoot these reflections…but they are best around the golden hour when the sun is low on the horizon.

I’m particularly excited by how Monet-ish some of the shots from this day are. Enjoy!

A little Monet inspiration

A little Monet inspiration

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