Big Magic in Photography

Yesterday, I was having a fun day in the sun along the shores of Lake Champlain. Threw the ball on the beach about 6,000 times for my baby dog Teddy Bear, then retreated to the delightful Tiki Bar at the beach for some reading, sun, and umbrella-laden drinks.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my favorite, coffee-stained, beat-up, dog-eared books. If you’re an artist or creative in any way whatsoever (pro tip: you are), get this book. Better yet, write “Buy Big Magic” on your to-do list, THEN go do so you get credit ✅and you can do a little happy dance. K?

Anyhoo, in Big Magic, Liz talk about how she believes that ideas have energy of their own, and float about in the universe to get try to find human partners to bring them to life. I’ve always loved this characterization, but it’s felt difficult to translate into photography—I don’t have ideas that I execute like a book writer. Beauty before my eyes inspires me.


Then one of those ideas jumped up and down in front of me begging for attention.

_...ideas spend eternity swirling around us, searching for available and willing human partners._.png

She told me this: what if all of my images (or the good ones, at least) are ideas that are striving to be seen in the world? All they want is to be enjoyed, to be admired, to bring a moment of joy to your life.

And play. They want to play and dance for us, and I get the honor of playing with them and capturing these moments in time.

But I’m the only way they can get out into the broader world. I’m a huge fan of these elves, sure, but one person can only clap so loudly. My job is to be the conduit—to capture them, and share them, and let them find you. Because only then can their impact be magnified as more people enjoy them.

So much art these days is designed to be provocative. And that’s great, but it’s not what you’ll find here. I want to play with the frolicking elves and let you see our collective delight. We want nothing more than to bring some comfort & joy to your life. One scene, one blip of beauty at a time.