Rain Fall

My photographs are non-representational, in official artist speak. They don't capture the world as it is, but an adaption of it. Typically that adaptation occurs through my own movement while using the camera. Sometimes, the movement is provided by rushing or bouncing water, or wind.

A relatively rare technique in my portfolio, Rain Fall was created on (you guessed it) a VERY RAINY autumn day in New Hampshire. I seek out colorful trees to dance near with my camera, pointed skyward to see the trees.

On this day, it was POURING.

Pointing my lens towards the sky wasn't a great option. I sat, resting in my car, chomping on a granola bar, and noticed that the water was bending and refracting the scene in front of me, creating a really unique look at the trees before my car.

Rain Fall was born.


Fun Fact: while the shapes and patterns in this photo, as in all my art, were created in camera: I had to do a little extra editing on this baby: the dashboard lights on my car reflected into the rain in a few spots, and I had to clone those out.  

Kelly O'NealComment