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Photographing Winter

I've struggled for years to capture winter in my signature style. Now I have no idea why it took me so long. I finally figured out how to get the light to cooperate with my camera and create images that evoke winter. There have been some delightful moments such as this one.


The palette of winter makes me happy, when it's not grey. Blues and aqua and white and deep dark periwinkle shadows in the snow. Partially frozen shore abutting still waters, who reflect and dance with the blue sky during their rare opportunities in overcast land.


Another photo in this gorgeous palette I discovered one day when ice was forming on the lake, and the blue sky rippled off the whiteness. Combined with my own movement, we have this lovely study of blue, and teal, and periwinkle. 💙 When shades of blue dance together like this, I swoon.


Do you see that golden streak here? Reflections of the sun from baby waves hitting the ice shelf along the lake. Lovely winter day from January this year. Those blue skies are out, and anything is possible.