Spring Haze Abstract

Another day, another abstract.   I started doing these abstracts when I needed a way to flex my photographic creativity during a time when I was super-busy at work.  Out of necessity, I had to photography at night, and had very little energy left for excursions--so I was left to my apartment.  One night I started playing around with bouquets of flowers, nearly dancing around my apartment while taking photos of them.  This is one of my photos after many months of figuring out how best to work the movement of the camera for the best effect.  As with all my abstracts, the effects here are created in-camera--I do NOT apply any blur or anything in the computer.

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Amber Waves Abstract
Amber Waves

This is one of my photos in motion, abstract photos I take by moving the camera during the exposure.  The effects you see are created in-camera, not with photoshop.  The effect in this photograph was particularly unique compared to the others I typically make--I like how the colors (flowers, in reality) create the look of fire.

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